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Beating Stuttering Blocks

Information about improving fluency by controlling the physiological mechanism that may cause stuttering blocks.


William D. Parry, Esq., CCC-SLP


Valsalva Stuttering Therapy is a comprehensive new approach for treating the most common form of stuttering, often referred to as 岳istent developmental stuttering.? Valsalva Control is based on the realization that most stuttering is caused not by a lack of ability to speak, but rather by an interference with that ability.  This interference is physiological in nature, but it may be triggered by various psychological factors.  In addition to addressing the psychological factors, Valsalva Control promotes easy, natural speech by controlling the physiological mechanism that causes stuttering blocks. 

Rather than focusing on controlling one's speech, Valsalva Stuttering Therapy is aimed at relaxing the Valsalva mechanism and reducing the urge to exert effort, so as to free the person௷n natural speaking ability.  Valsalva Control intentionally does not emphasize fluency, because any effort to 䯰 stuttering?would tend to activate the Valsalva mechanism and be self-defeating.  Instead, the goal is to make speech easier and more enjoyable. 

The following are links to further information about stuttering and Valsalva Control Therapy on this and other websites:


Valsalva Stuttering Therapy: A Brief Introduction


Information about William Parry's book

Understanding & Controlling Stuttering: A Comprehensive New Approach Based on the Valsalva Hypothesis - The Revised and Expanded Third Edition (2013)


Video excerpts from William Parry's presentation at the National Stuttering Association annual conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, July 5, 2013:

Stuttering Unblocked: Freeing Your Speech from the Neurological "Brick Wall"

Part One: Understanding the "Brick Wall"

Part Two: Valsalva Stuttering Therapy


An article based on William Parry's presentation at the National Stuttering Association annual conference in Ft. Worth, Texas, July 7, 2011, including results of the Results of Bill Parry's first clinical study of Valsalva Stuttering Therapy and videos showing dramatic initial results of Phase 2 intensive Valsalva Stuttering Therapy study:

New Insights and Tools To Beat Stuttering Blocks


An article based on William Parry's presentation at the International Stuttering Association's 9th World Congress for People Who Stutter, in May 2011 in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Reducing Stuttering Blocks by Controlling the Body's Valsalva Mechanism


William Parry's PowerPoint presentation at the NSA conference in July 2009:

Beating Stuttering Blocks (PowerPoint)

Beating Stuttering Blocks (PDF)

Video excerpts from the "Beating Stuttering Blocks" workshop


William Parry's website about stuttering, the Valsalva mechanism, and Valsalva Control therapy for stuttering:

Valsalva.org - The Valsalva-Stuttering Network


William Parry's stuttering therapy website:

StutteringTherapist.com - Stuttering Therapy and Counseling


Wordwide stuttering therapy by video conferencing:

The Worldwide Valsalva Stuttering Therapy Program 2012


William Parry's article on

Stuttering and the Valsalva Mechanism: A Key To Understanding and Controlling Stuttering Blocks


William Parry's website about combating discrimination:

StutterLaw.com - Stuttering and the Law


Support Groups for People Who Stutter

The National Stuttering Association

The Philadelphia Area Chapter of the National Stuttering Association




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